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2019-1-14 9:00




Junior 1

Page I



1-5 BCCDB        6-10 DCACA     

11-15 CDDBB    16-20 DBFAE     


21-25 BDCAB    26-30 DCABD    

31. his  32. much  33. homeless  34. improving  35. difference


36. twins    37. rich   38. sees   39. outside  40. swimming

41. clothes  42. until  43. runs   44. back     45. lessons

46. One possible version:

Hi Jake,

    It’s nice to hear from you! I get pocket money from my parents. They usually give me 20 yuan a month, but it is different from month to month. If I do well on my exams, they will give me another 10 yuan. During most months, I use it all up. I spend most of it buying art books and novels. I especially like comic books. I buy one every few months. If I don't have enough money, I have to save and wait until I get my pocket money again.

    Best wishes,

Li Ping

Page II

Page III

Page IV

Preparation1. a  2. c  3. f  4. b  5. e  6. d

Task 1: FFTFFT

Task 2:

  Hello. I’m Isra and I’m from Thailand. I’m 14 years old and I live in Bangkok. I like listening to music and watching DVDs in my free time. I’m short and I’ve got long, straight, black hair and brown eyes. Nice to meet you!

  Ciao! I’m Gino and I’m Italian. I live in Pisa, near the sea. I’m 13 and I love playing tennis  and listening to music. My favorite singer is Rihanna – she’s an amazing singer. I’ve got light brown hair and blue eyes. Talk to you soon!












Junior 2


Page I-III



1-5 DAABC    6-10 CADDD   11-15 BCCBA

16-20 BABDD  21-25 BCBAC  26-30 BCBDC

31-34 AACB  35-37 ACB  38-41 ADCB  42-45 BBAD

46-50 BDECA



51. brought  52. noticed  53. disappointed  54. died  55. explained  56. mistakes  57. who  58. changed  59. confident  60. what


61. enough  62. nervous  63. holidays  64. attention  65. height

66. hand in  67. staying away from  68. in peace  69. set off  70. throwing... out



Dear William,

  I’m writing to you with some questions about learning English.

  I’m really interested in the English language. However, I find it difficult to learn.

  In China, if you want to learn English well, listening, speaking, reading and writing are quite important. I wonder whether it is the same in Canada.

  Our teachers tell us again and again that grammar is very important and that we must take it seriously. However, I don’t like grammar. It is so boring that I never want to study it. Is grammar also important to native speakers?

  I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Xiao Ming



Page IV

Preparation: 1. c  2. b  3. e  4. d  5. a

Task 1: BDF

Task 2: FTTTFT









Junior 3

Page I


一、1-5 AABCA  6-10 DDCBB   11-15 DDCAC

二、16-20 CBBDA  21-25 BDACC

三、26-29 ADBC

30-32 BBC

33-36 BDAB

37-40 BCDA

四、41. mistakes

42. responsibility

43. helping

44. bleeding

45.  wealthier


46.  impossible    47. called    48. Instead     49. cheap    50. what

51. guitar         52. manners     53. Indians     54. used     55.  appreciation


56. They dance.

57. People dancing in public. Because in Britain, dancing in public is not a cultural habit.

58. They take a walk.

59. 他们大部分人都已人到中年,终于有闲暇时间可以做自己喜欢的事情。

60. He liked to see the women enjoy themselves.

七、One possible version

Dear Simon,

You told me that you will study abroad. I would like to offer some safety tips.

First, you should make friends with people who are kind and helpful. But stay away from people who easily get angry. They might cause trouble for you if they can’t control their temper.

In order to stay safe, you should remember to lock your doors and windows at night or when you are not home. When you go out, it’s wise to have company and not carry too much cash. If you have to go out alone, tell your teacher or friend and stay in touch with them. It’s also important not to give strangers any of your personal information.

I hope you will enjoy your life abroad!                                                                 Yours,

                                                               Li Hua

Page II

Page III

Page IV

Preparation: 1. a,g  2. c,d  3. j,i  4. b,e  5. f,h




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