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2019-3-4 7:00




Junior 1

Page I

实战演练:I. 1. too young to  2. have a chance to

          II. 1-3 CDD

听力专项训练:I. 1. chocolate   2. British   3. 56     4. fan

              II. 1-4 CABB


I. What would you do if you got lost in a maze? Maybe you could eat it! This chocolate maze is the work of two British people, Doug Armstrong and Prudence Staite. They used 4,640 chocolate sticks and took 56 hours to finish it. Armstrong is a big fan of the movie The Maze Runner.


II. China's Spring Festival has just passed. Russia also has its own spring holiday called Maslenitsa. During this holiday, people don't eat meat. This year, it will last from March 4 to 10. Russian people host many activities and eat pancakes. Why do they eat pancakes? Because the round pancakes look like the sun. They eat them for seven days to welcome spring. On the last day of Maslenitsa, people burn scarecrows at night to say goodbye to winter.

Page II


自然拼读:2. no, go, hoe, so, goes, doe, toe

Page III


Task 2: DDB

Task 3: 1. stay up  2. either  3. worry 

       4. turned in  5. strangers

Page IV

Day 1: BDCB

Day 2: 1. About eight years ago. / Around 2011.

      2. It is a popular online game.

      3. No, he didn't.

      4. Chinese people see Guan Yu as a god, as they believe he can bring good fortune.

      5. Because it introduces Chinese culture to foreign players.

Day 3: BBCB

Day 4: 1. 18     2. Bulgarian-Russian   3. singer     

      4. shy    5. say his name 

      6. singing classes  7. British  8. write his own songs  

Day 5: 1. using  2. colorful   3. wear            4. stand out

      5. their   6. favorite   7. expensive   8. Luckily





Junior 2


Page I

实战演练:1-5 BCCDD  6. service  7. comfortable 

          8. unusual  9. forgive  10. disappearing



  A train stopped at a station. Many people got off to buy snacks and fruit. Jack wanted to get off too, but it started to rain and he had no umbrella. Just then, he saw a little boy standing under a big umbrella.

  Jack said to the boy, "Can you go and get us two burgers, one for you and one for me? Here is $2."

  "Sure!" said the boy. He took the money and went to buy burgers. After 15 minutes, the boy came back. He was eating a burger happily.

  "Where is my burger?" asked Jack angrily.

"Oh, there was only one burger left. I'm eating mine. Here is your dollar."

Page II



1. 29-44  2. 3,000  3. heart attacks  4. However 

5. increase  6. slightly

Page III


Task 2: BDB

Task 3: 1. secretly  2. laid out  3. provides/provided 

       4. no longer  5. impact

Page IV

Day 1: BBAC

Day 2: 1. simple  2. delicious  3. feeling well 

      4. tomato soup  5. Chicken noodle soup

      6. French onion soup  7. Japan  8. dumpling

Day 3: DCDA

Day 4: CBBC

Day 5: 1-5 BABDD  6-10 BDACB













Junior 3

Page I

实战演练:1-5 CBACA 

          6. popularity; popular  7. give off  

          8. instruction  9. based          



  Many people spend hours in front of a computer monitor or a smartphone screen and have eyesight problems. It is necessary to protect our eyes. Here are some effective ways of protecting your eyes from computers or smartphone screens.

  First, take a five-minute rest every hour by looking away from the monitor or screen. Look outside a window as far into the distance as possible.

  Second, your eyes are at greater risk of drying out when focusing on the computer. You'll have to force yourself to blink every five seconds or so.

  Third, keep the distance of the monitor from your eyes between 16 to 30 inches. Most people find a distance of 20 to 26 inches comfortable.

  Fourth, make sure that the top of the monitor or screen is a little below your eye level.

And the last suggestion is keep your fingers clean and don’t touch your eyes if you have touched the screen with your fingers.

Page II



1. decrease    2. 80%      3. 49 

4. age         5. 40 to 49   6. interest

Page III


Task 2: BAB

Task 3: 1. effort    2. responsible  3. take care of

       4. source   5. as well as 

Page IV


Day 1: ACCD

Day 2: BCCD

Day 3: ACDD

Day 4: ABCD

Day 5: 1. preparing  2. use    3. different   4. classroom

       5. what      6. better  7. experience  8. forget 

       9. ability     10. stay


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