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2019-3-18 16:01




Junior 1

Page I

实战演练:I. 1-4 CDDC

听力专项训练:I. 1. American   2. 42    3. beautiful    4. book

              II. 1-3 BAB


I. Scott Wiener likes pizza, but he likes pizza boxes even more. The American man has 595 pizza boxes from 42 countries. He thinks they are beautiful. He even wrote a book about his boxes.


II.   At the beginning of spring, some of the students at our school went to Yuanmingyuan Park to help guide other visitors. We did our homework first and then prepared to be good guides.

       But things didn't go well at first. Some students were too shy. They didn't want to talk to visitors. However, after practicing with each other, they were able to help the visitors. They looked for visitors and answered their questions about the park.

       The day was cold. But after seeing the smiles on the visitors’ faces, we all felt very happy.

Page II


Page III


Task 2: BDA

Task 3: 1. looking for  2. turned  3. wakes up  4. too, to  5. catch

Page IV

Day 1: ACBB

Day 2: 1. peanut butter and jelly   2. easy           3. tasty

          4. salty; healthy               5. straight

Day 3: BCAB

Day 4: DBC

Day 5: 1. with              2. This          3. turns         4. breakfast

         5. chance         6. before       7. on time      8. too
















Junior 2


Page I

实战演练:1-5 CCCCD  6-10 ADCDA



  One day, Mrs Perry said to her husband, "Jack, I'm going to meet some ladies at Mrs Young's house for lunch today. I'll leave you some food for your lunch. Is that all right?"

  "Oh, yes," her husband answered. "That's quite all right. What are you going to leave for my lunch?"

  "A tin of fish," Mrs Perry said, "and there are some boiled potatoes and beans, too."

  "Good," Mr Perry answered, "I'll have a good lunch."

  Mrs Perry went to her meeting. All of the ladies had lunch at Mrs Young's house and at 3:15 pm she came home.

  "Was your fish nice, Jack?" she asked.

  "Yes, but my feet are hurting," he answered.

  "Why are they hurting?"

  "Well, the instructions on the tin said 'open tin and stand in hot water for five minutes'."

Page II


Page III


Task 1: 1-c, 2-b, 3-a

Task 2: CBB

Task 3: 1. as long as  2. plenty of   3. present 

       4. recover    5. disease

Page IV

Day 1: CACD

Day 2: BBDD

Day 3: BDCB

Day 4: CDAD

Day 5: 1-5 CAABD  6-10 CACBB
















Junior 3

Page I

实战演练:1-4 BABC 

          5. surround  6. slightly  7. scored  8. incredible         

听力测试:I. 1. worried   2. cough  3. search for  

          II. 1-4 CAAB


I. 1. I am worried the weather will get worse.

  2. Always cover your mouth when you cough.

  3. The police helped us search for the cat.

II. Paul could not sleep last night. Though he studied hard, he was still not good at history. Therefore, he was worried about a coming history test the next day. He felt terrible, as if he was seriously sick. The next morning, he woke up, but couldn’t find the courage to get up and take the challenging test. But eventually he managed to get out of bed. He started to go over his history notes. However, he was so anxious that he couldn’t remember anything.

    On his way to school, he met Jack, who was in the same class as him. Jack was curious about why Paul looked so worried. When Paul told him about the history test, Jack couldn’t help laughing. “There is no history test today. The test will be next Wednesday.” Jack said. After hearing this, Paul’s terrible feeling disappeared. He felt that the day was full of hope again.

Page II


Page III


Task 2: BBD

Task 3: 1. earn  2. confused  3. shadow  4. moment  5. hire

Page IV

Day 1: BDBC

Day 2: ACBB

Day 3: CBBD

Day 4: 1. Wu Lei’s first goal in La Liga. 

2. The Spanish club Espanyol.

3. At the end of January.

4. 他也告诉教练,他不想仅仅因为自己是中国人就被区别对待。

5. He practices talking with his teammates every day.

Day 5: 1. countries  2. spring  3. season  4. celebrate  5. lead to 

      6. gathering  7. traditional 8. picnics  9. coming  10. winter


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