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2019-4-8 9:47




Junior 1

Page I

实战演练:I. 1-3 CDD

听力专项训练:I. 1-5 CCBBA  

                       II. 1-3 BBC


I. 1. I lost my bike yesterday, so I took a bus to school today.

2. I will play table tennis with my mom this afternoon.

3. I don't like bananas or apples. Please give me an orange.

4. Hurry up. The train will leave at 11:15 and it's already half past ten.

5. I can't cook, but I can help my mom do the dishes. 


II. On April 1, we bought some chickens and put them in our school cafetera. The chickens ran all around the school. Teachers ran after them and finally caught four of the chickens. They saw numbers around the chickens' necks. The numbers were 1, 2, 3, and 5. Where was chicken number 4? The teachers looked and looked. But in fact, there were only four chickens in the first place!

Page II

自然拼读:2. 1) soup  2) blue  3) juice  4) group  5) fruit

Page III


Task 2: BCB

Task 3: 1. died  2. care  3. reason  4. begins  5. grew

Page IV

Day 1: 1. length

          2. 尺的长度随着时间的变化而发生了变化。

       3. (1) at the time  (2) at the same time

          4. B = Three Kingdoms

            C = Qing Dynasty

         5. C

Day 2: CCB

Day 3: CBD

Day 4: CCBA

Day 5: DBCA



Junior 2


Page I




  One sleep expert says that the best time to go to bed is 10 pm at night. We should then wake up at 6 am. Shawn Stevenson is an expert who has studied sleep.

  He believes 10 pm is the best bedtime because this is when the sun sets, while 6 am is the ideal time to wake up because this is when the sun rises. The closer our sleeping pattern is to the sun, he says, the more energy we will have during the day.

  He also said that looking at computers and phones before going to bed makes sleeping more difficult. The blue light from these electronics is bad for our eyes. If you need to look at an electronic device before going to bed, he says you should change the device’s settings so that there is no blue light.

  He also says you should drink less coffee and eat fewer sugar and dairy products, such as milk or cheese, in the evening. This will make it easier to fall asleep.

Page II


1. morning   2. 400      3. drops/decreases  4. 4 pm 

5. increase   6. morning  7. evening

Page III


Task 1: 1-b, 2-a, 3-c

Task 2: DDC

Task 3: 1. dead  2. live  3. alive  4. bother  5. warn

Page IV


Day 1: DCD

Day 2: DCDC

Day 3: DBCD

Day 4: CDDC

Day 5: 1-5 BDAAA  6-10 BDCCB





Junior 3

Page I

实战演练:1-3  CDB 

          4. no matter  5. adapted     6. occurred 

          7. gather     8. passionate  9. impression

听力测试:1. popular    2. influenced   3. sport of kings 

          4. blocks     5. directly      6. riding 

          7. crowded   8. calm


Surfing is one of the world's most popular water sports. It was born in Hawaii and is deeply influenced by its history and culture. Surfing was once a sport only for Hawaiian royalty, which is why surfing is often called the “sport of kings”. But now, it is enjoyed by people all over the world.

Waikiki is one of the best beaches for surfing in Honolulu. Every hotel room is just two or three blocks away from the ocean if it’s not directly on the beach. It is neither too hot nor too cold all year around. No matter what the weather is like, you can always find surfers out riding the waves. The only downside is that because it’s such a popular and well-known beach they are usually crowded.

If you’re ready to learn, the calm waters of Waikiki Beach are a great place to get your feet wet.


Page II


1. 16 and 30  2. half/50 percent  3. dropped  4. 41  5. children 

6. continued  7. similar  8. represented the majority/were the biggest group

Page III


Task 2: TTFFF

Task 3: 1. attracted  2. rough  3. have  4. tell  5. barely

Page IV


Day 1: CABA

Day 2: BDBD

Day 3: BCDB

Day 4: CCBD

Day 5: 1-5 CBDAB  6-10 BACAD


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