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2019-4-28 15:02




Junior 1

Page I

实战演练:I. 1-3 CCC

听力专项训练:I. 1. grow          2. pumpkins  3. fall             4. again

              II. 1-3 BAC



Little Seeds We Sow in Spring

Little seeds we sow in spring,

grow while the birds sing.

Give us carrots, peas and beans,

tomatoes, pumpkins, potatoes and greens.

And we pick them, one and all,

through the summer, through the fall.

Winter comes, then spring,

and then little seeds we sow again.

     Else Holmelund Minarik, US


II. Many people like planting trees in spring, but I think it is a hard job. Actually, I like planting flowers better. It has been one of my hobbies for many years. I often plant new flowers in March and then watch them grow through spring and summer. This gives me a good feeling. I feel like I’m growing along with them. I think that flowers are wonderful. They can help us relax and make the city look more beautiful.

Page II


1. the UK  2. Europe    3. culture     4. Queen Elizabeth II 

5. power   6. Literature  7. William Shakespeare  8. TV shows

Page III


Task 2: DCA

Task 3: 1. homeless  2. a little bit  3. happened 

       4. as well as  5. strangers

Page IV

Day 1: 1. Japan          2. May 5               3. April          4. warrior dolls

       5. rice cake     6. strong

Day 2: BABC

Day 3: 1. what kids in the US do to enjoy spring/outdoor activities

         2. two

         3. exciting; flips

         4. you may not land where you planned to

         5. strong tree branch; back and forth

Day 4: CABC

Day 5: 1. bit         2. everything   3. poor           4. short        

      5. anything  6. lesson        7. luckily        8. pay          

      9. While     10. women

Junior 2


Page I




  A rich woman had a beautiful vase. She put all kinds of beautiful flowers in it. One day, she wanted to have her bedroom painted the same color as the vase.

  Several painters came to do the job. But none of them were able to do a satisfactory job for the woman. Finally, a painter said he knew how to mix the right colors. The woman was very pleased with the result and the painter became famous.

  Years later, the painter was too old to work. He wanted to turn the business over to his son.

  "Dad," said the son, "there's something I've got to know. How did you get those walls to match the vase so well?"

  "Son," the painter replied, "it was easy. I also painted the vase."


Page II


1. March 17  2. Saint Patrick  3. parties     4. shamrock 

5. green     6. 10 percent    7. influence   8. W.B. Yeats


Page III


Task 2: BBC

Task 3: 1. donated    2. burn    3. grateful 

       4. Meanwhile  5. at least


Page IV


Day 1: BADC

Day 2: BDDB

Day 3: 1. April 21    2. religious  3. Easter Bunny  4. church 

       5. chocolate  6. basket      7. Easter morning 

       8. hunting for eggs     9. look for 

       10. Easter baskets/candy baskets

Day 4: CCDB

Day 5: 1-5 ADBCA     6-10 CBDCA 



Junior 3

Page I

实战演练:1-5 CABDC  6-7 AB

听力测试:1-5 ABBAC


I. 1. I usually eat bread for breakfast, but I want to try ham today.

  2. I will pass by the post office on the way to the library.


II Welcome to Flight 903 to Boston. We here at Inca Air are pleased to have you onboard. This is a non-smoking flight. The in-flight movie this evening will be La La Land. Please turn off your smartphones, laptops or any other electronic devices, as they may cause trouble with our flight system. Please make sure that your luggage is put in the right place. We are about to take off in 5 minutes, so please fasten your safety belts and keep your seat trays locked.

   Please direct your attention to our flight attendants, as they will be giving a short demonstration of our safety procedures. Thanks again for flying Inca Air. If you have any questions or need anything, please press the call button and we will come to you. Enjoy your journey.


Page II


1. well-educated  2. Eight percent  3. slowly and clearly 

4. upper class  5. people in public office  6. Four percent 

7. Why     8. class awareness     9. proud      10. 16 percent

Page III


Task 2: CAB

Task 3: 1. stop  2. overheard  3. turned out 

       4. disappointed     5. canceled

Page IV


Day 1: DBDB

Day 2: BDCC

Day 3: ABDD

Day 4: BCAB

Day 5: 1-5 DCABC  6-10 BABCD  11-15 ABBDA


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