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2019-5-27 11:20




Junior 1

Page I

实战演练:I. 1-5 CABDA

听力专项训练:I. I-3 TFF

                       II. 4-6 BCC


       One Saturday, Bob was taking a drive through the countryside. After a few hours, he saw a dog walking behind a man on the side of the road. As the car comes near them, the dog jumped into the road. Bob hit the poor animal and killed it.

  Bob stopped his car and walked up to the man. "I'm very sorry," he said. "Is there anything I can do? Will $10 help?"

  "Well actually, I should tell you…" the man started to reply.

  "Stop! You're right. Maybe $10 isn't enough! That dog was your best friend!" Bob said.

  Bob then took $30 out of his pocket and gave it to the man. He then got in his car and drove away. After Bob left, the man looked down at the dog and said, "I wonder whose dog that was."

Page II


自然拼读:2. words in the picture: mountain, flag, fort, torch, fork, cork, person, horse, corn, cannon, door, wheel

Words with the "or" sound: fort, torch, fork, cork, horse, corn, door

Page III


Task 2:

1. He is already on his way toward pursuing his dreams.

2. People grow great by dreams. All big men are dreamers. They protect their dreams and work hard for them.

3. Be brave to pursue your dream and don’t let other people stop you as you pursue success.

Task 3: 1. taking care of  2. already  3. successful 

       4. business  5. protects

Page IV

Day 1: BCBD

Day 2: 1. food           2. pizza                       3. half an hour     

      4. one day        5. 30 to 45 minutes     6. lazier

Day 3: BBAD

Day 4: BDDC

Day 5: DEBA







Junior 2


Page I




Mary got a special gift on her birthday. Her uncle, who was a farmer, was sending her some chickens. Mary was excited. She liked eating the eggs that chickens lay.

When the chickens arrived the next day, they were in a box. Mary took the box off the truck and began to carry it into her garden. However, the box was heavy and she dropped it. The box fell to the ground and broke. The chickens all ran out.

They ran everywhere — into neighbors' gardens, into the road, into shops. Mary spent hours trying to find them.

A few days later her uncle came to visit her. "Did the chickens arrive safely?" he asked Mary. "Yes, Uncle Toby," Mary said. "But I had a lot of trouble with them. I dropped the box. It broke open and the chickens ran everywhere."

"Did you find them all?" her uncle asked.

"I hope so," Mary said. "I caught 11 of them."

"That's very interesting," her uncle said with a smile, "because I only sent you six."

Page II


写写画画:1. 30  2. increased  3. 10  4. 1990  5. changed 

          6. half  7. However  8. fast food restaurants

Page III


Task 2: ACC

Task 3: 1. handle  2. otherwise  3. troublesome 

       4. come up with  5. up to

Page IV

Day 1: BCBD

Day 2: ACDB

Day 3: CDBD

Day 4: DDAC

Day 5: 1-5 BBDCC  6-10 BACCA






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