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2019-6-3 10:00




Junior 1

Page I

实战演练:I. 1. In order to         2. weight      

            3. in public           4. while

                II. 1-2 CD

听力专项训练:I. 1. worry about  2. small spaces   3. Germans

                4. turn         5. from 2.5 m to 1.5 m

                       II. 1-5 CBAA


I. No need to worry about parking! Crab, a new micro car, can make it easier to park in small spaces. A group of Germans made a new kind of electric car and named it Eossc2. Eossc2 can turn on the spot and become smaller from 2.5 m to 1.5 m. It even moves sideways like a crab.


II. Tony is my friend. He is 14 years old. He likes meeting new people and playing sports with them. He can play basketball and table tennis very well. He can't play football, but he likes watching football games on TV. He can run fast. He goes running or jogging almost every day. He goes to the gym every week. He really enjoys sports.

Page II

任务型阅读:1. unibrow  2. made fun of  3. popular  4. hanging out  

            5. Joe      6. not         7. angry    8. friendship

自然拼读:2. squire, tire, hire, wire, fire

Page III


Task 2: FFFTT

Task 3: 1. silent  2. order  3. However  4. own  5. surprise

Page IV

Day 1: BCBD

Day 2: DCDB

Day 3: 1. the US          2. cold           3. Iced          4. halfway

       5. umbrellas

Day 4: DCBD

Day 5: 1. what about   2. living         3. opens              4. in front of

         5. true              6. goes back to    7. improve    8. almost

         9. smarter        10. plans




Junior 2


Page I

实战演练:1. familiar  2. concern  3. access  4. basic  5. rather than  6. panic  7. continue



  Two men from the US were traveling in Spain. One morning they went into a little restaurant for lunch.

  They did not know Spanish and their waiter did not know English. They wanted him to understand that they wanted some milk and sandwiches. At first they pronounced the word "milk" many times. Then they spelled it. But the waiter could not understand them.

  At last one of them took a piece of paper and began to draw a cow. When he finished the drawing, the waiter looked at it and ran out of the restaurant.

  One of the men said, "A pencil is very useful if you only speak English!"

  The waiter came back again some time after, but brought no milk. Instead, he gave the men two tickets for a bullfight.


Page II

任务型阅读:1. high-tech  2. small  3. worn  4. convenient 

5. use/control  6. Disadvantages  7. stylish  8. five hours     

9. features  10. voice


1. 16-30  2. half/50 percent  3. fell/dropped  

4. 41  5. children  6. continued  7. similar 

8. remained the biggest group/were the biggest group

Page III


Task 2: TTFTF

Task 3: 1. a bit  2. bitter  3. complained  4. depends on  5. painful

Page IV

Day 1: BCA

Day 2: DBBC

Day 3: 1. numbers  2. straight hair  3. Zongjiao  4. from 9 to 14 

       5. tie one's hair up  6. young men in their twenties  7. C

Day 4: CAAB

Day 5: 1-5 BBCDC  6-10 BACDA













Junior 1

Page I-IV


一、1-5 CCAAB          6-10 ACDCD

二、11-15 CBADB       16-20 BACDD

三、21-24 BBDC         25-28 CBDB         29-32 BCAC

四、33-36 BDCE

五、37. hobbies          38. dangerous     39. rules        40. remember       41. miss        42. face                 43. taught     44. order

       45. healthy           46. chance

六、One possible version:

My favorite animal

       Everyone has their own favorite animal. Some people like cats, some people like parrots, some people like guinea pigs. My favorites are dogs.

       I really like Huskies. Huskies are a type of dog. They are black and white, but sometimes yellow and white. When Huskies are little, they are really cute.

       The reason I like Huskies is that they look like wolves. They are strong. When I walk along with a Husky, I feel strong too. I think they are very cool.

Page III


Task 2: TTFFT

Task 3: 1. nobody  2. closest  3. proud  4. goal  5. kept


Junior 2


Page I-IV


1-5 BCCCC   6-10 ABDBA    11-15 ACBBD   16-20 ACACB

21-25 AACAB  26-30 CCBBC  31-35 BCDDC   36-40 EACBD

41. useful/used  42. grades  43. making  44. himself  45. heard

46. came true  47. enjoy yourself   48. deal with  49. remind, buy  50. proud of



       My favorite holiday is the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is always celebrated in the middle of the autumn season. People usually get together to have a big dinner with their family members. It’s a tradition to look at the bright round moon and eat moon cakes. I prefer the sweet moon cakes to the salty ones. I also like to solve riddles on lanterns. It’s so interesting. I think the Mid-Autumn Festival is full of fun and is also the most important holiday in China.

Page III


Task 2: DCC

Task 3: 1. Therefore  2. complains  3. plastic  4. as  5. pass by


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