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2019-6-17 9:52




Junior 1

Page I

实战演练:I. 1. exist    2. allow  3. invent 4. offered  

            5. preparing/ prepared

听力专项训练:I. 1. standing    2. long necks      

                3. careful      4. half an hour

                       II. ABCCA


I. How do giraffes sleep? They can sleep both lying on the ground and standing. Although their long necks make it hard for them to get up again, giraffes like to sleep lying down. Wild giraffes have to be careful because of their enemies. They usually sleep for just half an hour a day.

II. Dear John,

    I got your letter from my teacher. It's nice to hear from you!

       My name is Jack. I am 12. I live in Beijing. I am a student at Jinghua Middle School. I’m in Class 3. My teacher is Miss Lee. She is not only our English teacher, but also our class teacher.

    I have two good friends at school. They are Susan and Sally. They are twins. They come from Britain. They like China very much. They teach me English and I teach them Chinese.

    I hope to hear from you soon! Take care.



Page II

任务型阅读:1. part-time  2. babysitting   3. waiting tables   

    4. summer holiday  5. studying  6. extra money  7. saving 

    8. something big  9. skills  10. experience

自然拼读:2. share, care, mare, fare, dare, hare, bare, scare

Page III


Task 2: BBC

Task 3: 1. pass  2. truth  3. concluded  4. useful  5. knowledge

Page IV

Day 1: CBDC

Day 2: 1. We are not sure.

          2. His job was to take care of grain.

          3. He put the grain inside some hollow dead trees.

          4. Yes, he did.

        5. People use it to refer to alcohol, especially in poems.

Day 3: CBCA

Day 4: ABAA

Day 5: 1-5 BCCBD     6-10 DCAAC





Junior 2


Page I

实战演练:1. continued  2. divide  3. struggling  4. invest 

          5. exchange  6. was founded  7. breath  8. react



  China is putting a limit on movie star salaries. Paying actors too much money is bad for society. Actors try to avoid taxes. The government wants to stop "money worship". It said money is not the most important thing in life. Many young people are treating stars like heroes. This gives people a false idea about what real life is like. The government said movies should help society, not movie stars.

The government has made rules for movie companies. Actors' salaries will be less than 40 percent of the cost of their movies. Leading actors will get less than 70 percent of the total wages for all actors. Most Chinese people support this. They say greedy actors show off their wealth and lifestyle too much. One person wrote, "Society has given them too much and they give nothing back. They do not teach young people about the importance of community in China."

Page II

任务型阅读:1. Brushing  2. Flossing  3. soft bristles 

            4. small heads  5. break down  6. 45-degree angle 

            7. food    8. once  9. gently  10. difficult

写写画画:1. Notting Hill  2. £738    3. 3-bedroom  4. £215 

          5. between    6. number  7. middle

Page III


Task 2: CDB

Task 3: 1. extra  2. By the time  3. adopt 

       4. look after  5. interested in

Page IV

Day 1: DCBD

Day 2: AADC

Day 3: BDB

Day 4: DCCA

Day 5: 1-5 BDAAC  6-10 BCCBD


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