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2020-9-28 16:20




There was a box with her name on it in the living room. With excitement, Lisa went to open the  box. However, there were six different boxes inside, all with six cards with different letters on them. Lisa was confused. The letter were B, I, L, R, O, E. Clever Lisa was surprised to find they could make up the word “boiler”. The boiler must be in the kitchen! She ran toward the kitchen excitedly. Just as she reached the door, there was a noise behind her and something fell on the table.

No one was home, but there was a letter on the table. Lisa opened it. There was nothing but a special map. She went to the cabinet marked with red on the map, only to find 10 newspapers, each with her date of birth. They recorded the changes in the world in the decade she grew up. Then she saw her aunt's mail, saying she bought a delicate book. Then Lisa's friends came out from the yard. "Happy Birthday, Lisa!" They gave her a cake they had made themselves. Lisa was so touched. She thought it was her most meaningful and memorable birthday. She learned that it is important to think more of and care about the world. Sometimesnot only sincerity but also a little wisdom are required to express love.

作者:江苏省宿迁市宿迁中学高二创新(1)班   张熙然  




There was a box with her name on it in the living room. She opened the box quickly, thinking that it must be her birthday gift from her parents. But there were just some toys and books for little kids. Lisa was confused at first. Then she noticed there was a card under the books. The card said "for Jim”. She knew that her cousin Jim’s birthday was the next week, and her aunt must want her to look after Jim, and so she sent Lisa his present by mail. Lisa couldn’t contain her sadness any more and shouted, "Doesn’t anyone remember my birthday?” At that moment, the ceiling lit up, just like the starry sky. And a big screen fell slowly, showing photos that documented the happy times she and her parents spent together. Lisa was so surprised that she almost cried. At the end of the show, there was a beam of light guiding her to the table next to her.

No one was home, but there was a letter on the table. The letter said "Happy birthday, Lisa. Do you remember that on your last birthday you wished you could see the starry sky? We prepared this special gift for you. But we all have an important meeting today. We don’t want to let you down. That’s why we made this surprise for you and let your friends accompany you today.” Lisa was so moved after reading the letter. Suddenly, the bell rang and Lisa ran to the door excitedly.

作者:安徽省宁国市宁国中学高二(2)班 朱奕臣




There was a box with her name on it in the living room. It almost dried all her tears at once, and what was in the box also satisfied her. A big birthday cake! At that time, all the disappointment of the day had gone forever. Only happiness and excitement remained. When she cut the cake into several pieces, she suddenly realized that it was too big to be eaten by one person and should be shared with her family members. “And where are my parents?” she thought. So she began to search the house for them.

No one was home, but there was a letter on the table. "Dear Lisa, we are so sorry not to be able to be there to celebrate your birthday tomorrow. We’re helping your aunt with her plans to travel abroad next week. Here’s a big cake that you and your friends can enjoy tomorrow. Have a good time!" Shocked by the words, Lisa immediately went to the calendar only to find that it was she who mistook the date. With mixed emotions, she began to call her friends ...

作者:湖北省武汉市华中师大一附中201926  李子璕



There was a box with her name on it in the living room. The box was a bit large and was shaking as if it contained an animal. There was a tag on it which read "Lisa". Lisa was quite confused and opened the box. She found a cute white cat in the box along with a pink crystal ball. Lisa was delighted and thought: "They must be hiding somewhere in my home, ready to give me a surprise." She began searching the house.

No one was home, but there was a letter on the table. It said: "Dear Lisa, we are preparing a special birthday party for you in a magical fairyland. The crystal ball in the box can create a magic portal that leads to the fairyland. You'll see your parents and friends there. Hope to see you soon." Lisa was extremely joyful. She picked up the crystal ball and a magical portal appeared. Lisa walked into the portal excitedly. Her parents and friends greeted her there. She knew that she would have a special day.

作者:安徽省宣城市宁国中学高二(2)班  张与洲

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