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20-21学年高二第18期7版Quiz Time答案

2021-1-4 13:46


Text 1

M: The food tastes wonderful! I didn’t know you were such a good cook!

W: You think I made it? Come on! You know how lazy I am! I bought it at Granny’s Diner.


Text 2

W: Why are you speaking in such a low voice, Ron? I can barely hear you!

M: Shhh! I am in the library. I’ll talk to you later, OK?


Text 3

A: I really like living here in this flat because it’s so close to the center of town.  

B: That’s true. But it gets really noisy at night. 


Text 4

M: Wow! The painting looks great. What do you think of mine?

W: Uh, well it’s nice, but mine is better. I mean it’s more beautiful.


Text 5

M: Hey, Ann. Congratulations! I’ve heard that you’ve just had twins!

W: Thank you, Lee. But raising these two little naughty boys can be really exhausting. Now I barely have time to sleep.


Text 6

M: So you met him on the internet, and then you two became pen pals and even met in real life, and you keep in touch by using Facebook.

W: Yeah, it’s always fun to meet people from different places and exchange letters with them and get to know people. I like that.

M: Yep. It’s pretty cool. I had pen pals when I was young, but they were always living somewhere far away. Then I just lost contact with them. I never met any of my pen pals, either.


Text 7

W: I’m going to buy a brand-new computer at a very, very cheap price.          

M: Sounds like a bargain.

W: Yeah. It’s a friend of my cousin. He’s selling it. He said the computer fell off the back of a truck, but it works perfectly.

M: It fell off the back of a truck?

W: Yes. But it came in a very strong box, and he said it was in perfect condition.

M: Look, Hannah, you do know what “fell off the back of a truck” means, right? It is an English way of saying something was received in suspicious circumstances. So, it is probably stolen.


Text 8

M: Hey, Jenny, is that you? Long time no see!

W: Oh, hey! No kidding! How have you been? Settling into college life OK?

M: Yeah, I joined the Physics Association, and now I spend most of my daytime in labs.

W: That sounds smart ... but kind of boring.

M: Not at all! Physics is fascinating. Besides, I also joined the Great Outdoors Club. We’ve gone on two camping trips already. It’s fun.

W: Good for you. I’m not that lucky, though. The metal working class just wasn’t as interesting as I’d hoped, so I dropped it. The tutor suggested that I focus on my main courses so that I can make sure the credits count. Oops, I’m late for class. Gotta run!

M: OK, take care! Nice running into you!

W: Yeah, you too!


Text 9

W: What are you gonna do to celebrate? Buy that new Porsche ride?

M: I guess I’ll just start with a luxurious buffet in La Fontaine Restaurant.

W: Good plan! I’ve always wondered what kind of restaurant would charge $500 per customer.

M: Well, you don’t need to wonder anymore. We are going to enjoy every drop of good wine there tonight. My treat.

W: Great! Honestly, Rhys, I’m really happy for you. You really made it — getting onto the board of directors, you know. It’s always been your dream! You are not gonna forget me, are you?

M: Hey, Fiona. We made it, OKI would never have gotten that $ 1 billion order if it wasn’t for you. Just count on me. I have already appealed to the board to make you the manager of the sales department. And trust me, my dream is more than this — you and I together, we definitely are gonna rule this company in 5 years!

W: You are really ambitious, aren’t you

M: Can’t blame a man for making his own fortune.


Test 10

WEach summer in the late 1960s, my two sisters and I would ride a bus from Arizona to Arkansas to stay with our father.

As an old soldier from World War II, Dad had many medical problems, any one of which would have caused many people to lose more than their sense of humor, but not him. I have vivid memories of Dad waking us up in the morning. Before he had put on his artificial legs for the day, his wheelchair was his mobility. He would roll through the house yelling, “Up, up, up! Get up and face the day! It’s a beautiful day! Rise and shine!”

Though it was hard for a handicapped man to even go to a grocery store back in 60s, Dad never wanted assistance from anyone. He would climb stairs slowly but surely, singing songs all the way.

Those summers always ended too soon. He would drive us back to Arizona every year, stopping at the checkpoint for fruit and vegetables at the New Mexico and Arizona border. When asked if he had any fruits or vegetables, he would always look at us gently, replying, “Just three sweet peas.”

One thing we learned from our father: You are only as handicapped as you let yourself be.






D1 1-4 CBDB 

D2 1-3 CAB 

D3 1-4 DAAA 

D4 1-3 CBA 


1. It               2. what                 3. when                 4. making              5. exposure    

6. out             7. has undergone    8. technological    9. the                    10. used



D1 1-4 CBDB

1. C。根据文章第1段第1句“Fed up with too much screen time …”和第3段第2句“the fact that the current school schedule is unworkable …”可得学生们抗议是因为课程安排不合理,故本题选C

2. B。根据文章第2段“Instead of attending virtual school from 8 am to 3 pm as usual, dozens of students at Kensington High School for the Creative and Performing Arts (KCAPA) declined to participate in classes.”可得学生们拒绝上网课,以示抗议,故本题选B

3. D。根据文章第9段“We encourage anyone who has concerns about this matter to work with their school leaders …”可得Malika Savoy-Brooks建议学生们跟学校负责人讨论课程安排的事,故本题选D

4. B。根据文章最后一段“I’m not a good learner when it comes to virtual …”可以得出Kayla Reynolds不太适应线上学习模式,故本题选B


D2 1-3 CAB

1. C。根据文章第1段“it leaves behind a series of human rights and environmental disasters. The international fishing industry is full of human exploitation and irresponsible practices on the high seas. For this reason, businesses and consumers are looking to an alternative food source …”可得捕鱼业存在许多人权问题和环境问题,因此商家和消费者都在寻找海鲜替代品,故本题选C

2. A根据文章第2段第3句“Good Catch uses many legumes, including peas, lentils and soybeans, mixed with algal oil and seafood powder for their fish-free tuna product.Good Catch用的材料有豆科作物,故本题选A

3. B。根据文章倒数第2段第1句“The lawlessness, the mislabeling. The fish illegally soaked in chemicals. The child labor, slavery and human trafficking.”可以看出这些都是违法行为,故horrendous practices指代的是捕鱼业的违法行为,本题选B


D3 1-4 DAAA

1. D。根据文章第2段最后一句The mission retrieved an incredible 1,713 grams of samples of rocks and dust with the help of a drill and a mechanical arm.”可得嫦娥五号探测器带回了1713克月球土壤和岩石样本,故本题选D

2. A。根据文章第3段最后一句“The first asteroid samples were collected by the original Hayabusa spacecraft back in 2010.”,第一份小行星样本是由Hayabusa收集的,故本题选A

3. A。根据文章第5段“Collecting these samples from different celestial bodies is important because they can help to answer questions that have puzzled scientists for years, such as how life first came about可得这些样本可以回答困扰科学家很多年的问题比如生命是如何出现的即生命的起源故本题选A

4. A。根据文章第8段第1句“As for the Change 5 lunar samples, scientists will conduct various analyses, tests and experiments to determine the composition, structure and physical characteristics of the samples.可得科学家会对嫦娥五号带回来的样本进行分析、检测和实验以确定其构成、结构和物理性质故本题选A


D4 1-3 CBA 

1. C。根据文章第3段可知作者已经很久没有写信了,因此答案为C。根据第四段“The thrill is gone”排除A项;作者对女士附了一张衣服的照片表示了惊讶,因此可知不是作者要求她画的,排除B项;作者只是说现在邮筒里都是广告,并非自己是这方面的专家,排除D项。

2. B。根据文章第8段“That someone would take the time to put pen to paper and share their lives and inquire (询问) about mine meant a lot.”和第11段“Letters were a way of closing the distance.”可知,对于作者来说,写信让自己与亲人之间的距离缩短了,因此答案为BA项文中未提及;C项作者是说自己花很长时间来写,并非家人花很长时间写;D项作者表示那时可以打电话,但是长途电话很贵,因此写信并非唯一途径。

3. A。通读全文,作者反思了写信的意义和以前写信的时光,因此答案为A。其他三项均不是作者写作的主要目的。            

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