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2021-1-11 8:46




Text 1

M: I’m looking for a place to hold the annual conference for our company. It should be big enough to accommodate about 2,000 people.

W: You should try the Alton Hotel. It’s expensive, but it can meet your needs. It is easy to find because it’s right by the subway.


Text 2

M: Hi, Jessie. You look upset. Are you worried about the English test tomorrow?

W: No. It’s the final exam. It’s more important than the mid-term exam.


Text 3

W: I often mistake Dan for Tim. Can you tell them apart?

M: No. They look exactly the same. Even their mom got confused sometimes when they were little.


Text 4

W: May I take your order now, sir?

M: Thank you, but I' m waiting for someone.


Text 5

M: What was the weather like during your New Year holiday?

W: We were lucky. When we got on the train, it was snowing, but when we arrived in Beijing, the sun was shining.


Text 6

W: Hello. This is Dr Smith’s clinic. Can I help you?  

M: Hello, this is Kevin Green. I want to make an appointment with Dr Smith.

W: OK, Mr Green. Can you manage it tomorrow morning?

M: I'm afraid not. Is this afternoon OK?

W: I'm sorry, but Dr Smith already has an appointment this afternoon. He’ll be on duty this Wednesday afternoon.

M: That’s the day after tomorrow, June the 17th.

W: Will 2:30 pm be all right?

M: That’s fine.


Text 7

M: Hi, Joanna. I haven’t seen you for a long time. What are you doing these days?

W: I'm helping my dad with his business so I can get some work experience.

M: That sounds great. Do you work as a secretary or an assistant there?

W: I work as an accountant. I've been working there for one month.

M: How long will you stay there?

W: For at least another month. Then I will come back for the final exam. Is it on Tuesday or Wednesday?

M: Actually, it’s on Thursday.

W: Oh, thank you. 


Text 8

M: What are you doing, Elsa?

W: Hi, Tom. I am planning a party for Jane.

M: What’s the party for?

W: It’s for her birthday.

M: That’s great! When is her birthday?

W: It’s July 9.

M: When is the party?

W: It starts at 8:00 pm on July 9. And here is your invitation.

M: Well, tell me again. What day is Jane’s birthday?

W: July 9.

M: So why is the party on Saturday? Sunday is July the 9th. You put Saturday on the invitation.

W: Oh, no! I put the wrong day on the invitation!


Text 9

W: Carl, you got a new pair of glasses.

M: Well, my eyesight has declined. So I had to buy a new pair.

W: How could that happen? We didn’t have much work this year.

M: Oh, I spend too much time on my computer and phone. How long do you spend on your computer each evening?

W: Well, usually one to two hours to deal with work.

M: Is that all? I often start off by researching one topic on a website, and then I follow a link to something else. Suddenly, I realize how late it is, and I haven’t even finished half of my work.

W: It’s a waste of time.

M: Yes, I know. But I just can’t control myself.

W: Maybe you can take some time management courses.

M: That’s a good idea. Actually, I like online games. Sometimes I stay up really late playing.

W: No wonder you have poor eyesight. Sitting in front of a screen for too long is really harmful for your eyes.

M: You’re right. Maybe I can do something else. Then what about going to the park this evening?

W: Great.


Text 10

W: Good morning. This is Grace Brown speaking. Now I have no choice but to call you to complain about the recent purchase of a bag which cost 300 dollars from your department store on London Street on Nov 9. I recently used the bag and found there was a hole inside the inner pocket. The color was slightly faded, but it dyed my white shirt. I phoned the store last Monday and was told by the assistant that I couldn’t get a replacement as it was purchased on a 40 percent discount. She was rather rude on the phone. Later I phoned again but once more received a cold answer from one of your helpline staff that she could do nothing to help. I felt really upset. I have been a regular customer of your store for many years, and until this incident, I've never had any complaints. I must tell you, I feel disappointed to be treated in such a manner. I demand an apology. And I think you should have a talk with your workers. I would also ask that you give this matter the most urgent attention. I'm expecting you to ring me back as soon as possible.






D1 1-4 CBCA

D2 1-3 CAB

D3 1-3 CBC

D4 1-4 ABBD

D5 1-5 CGEFA



D1 1-4 CBCA

1. C。从文中第二段最后一句“The store aims to support families in need.”可知,这家由学生们经营的商店旨在帮助有需要的贫困家庭。故正确答案为C

2. B。从文中第四段最后一句“They can earn points for doing chores around the building or helping to clean”可知,他们可以通过做学校的杂活或帮助打扫而获得积分,故正确答案为B

3. C。从文中倒数第四段第二句“It gives us a picture of what can be. So if we can do this inside other schools, it will do a whole lot to help other small towns.”可知,Paul Juarez认为如果能在其他学校里这样做,将对其他小镇有很大的帮助,因此这个实践活动为其他学校树立了良好的榜样,故正确答案为C

4. A。从文中最后一段第二句“We all had our first jobs and it taught us how to work, and what you got for your work,he said. I think this will do that for them too”可知,Thomas Muir认为学生们可以通过这个实践活动获得一些工作经验,故正确答案为A


D2 1-3 CAB

1. C。根据文章第1段“… it leaves behind a series of human rights and environmental disasters. The international fishing industry is full of human exploitation and irresponsible practices on the high seas. For this reason, businesses and consumers are looking to an alternative food source …”可得捕鱼业存在许多人权问题和环境问题,因此商家和消费者都在寻找海鲜替代品,故本题选C

2. A根据文章第2段第3句“Good Catch uses many legumes, including peas, lentils and soybeans, mixed with algal oil and seafood powder for their fish-free tuna product.Good Catch用的材料有豆科作物,故本题选A

3. B。根据文章倒数第2段第1句“The lawlessness, the mislabeling. The fish illegally soaked in chemicals. The child labor, slavery and human trafficking.”可以看出这些都是违法行为,故horrendous practices指代的是捕鱼业的违法行为,本题选B


D3 1-3 CBC

1. C。从文中第三段第三句“The viromes grow in diversity and number as the kids grow up.”可知,随着孩子们的成长,病毒会在多样性和数量上不断增长。因此该词的含义为“积累”,故正确答案为C

2. B。从文中倒数第三段最后两句“Viruses cannot replicate there, but they can wait for a vulnerable host to arrive. This process makes it possible to prevent us from getting certain diseases.”可知,一些病毒可以感染细菌并在细菌致病之前杀死它们,这一过程能使我们预防某些疾病,故正确答案为B

3. C。通读全文可知,文章主要介绍了病毒对人类的积极作用,故正确答案为C


D4 1-4 ABBD

1. A。根据文章第一段“I stopped voluntarily”可知答案为A,作者是自愿放弃驾驶的。B项作者是用夸张的手法表达医生劝他放弃开车的不容易,并非自己真正得了严重的疾病;C项作者的家人经常与他谈话劝他放弃开车,因此C项错误;D项作者说自己的太太去世了所以自己做了决定,因此排除。

2. B。根据文章第三至五段,作者谈到刚开始放弃开车时自己的世界被局限了,无法自由地去很多地方,因此答案为BAC两项与作者的态度相反;C项文中未提及。

3. B。根据文章最后两段,作者决定买一辆四轮电动轻便摩托车在慢车道的行走,既能让自己自由出行也能体会慢生活的好处,因此答案为BAD两项文章未提及;C项作者放弃驾驶后必须提前计划自己的所有事,并非解决方案。

4. D。通读全文,作者提到放弃驾驶后自己一度不适应,但后来买了轻便摩托车不仅更方便,而且能体会到慢生活的优势和美好,因此答案为D,一个改变可能为生活带来积极的结果。其他三项均不是作者写作的主要目的。






1-5 BACBD  6-10 ADCDA  11-15 ABCAD  16-20 ABABD



1. B。此处对应下文的“… Mr Hunt, began to train the new soldiers    5    him.”结合语境可知这是一块训练新士兵的好地方,故选B
2. A。由上文的“It was far from the towns and cities and there were some high mountains around.”和下文的“he hardly let them leave the camp”可以推知由于地理位置不便利,教官严厉,士兵们出到外面去很难,故选A
3. C。由下文的“he hardly let them leave the camp”可推知怀特先生很严厉,故选C
4. B。根据“He couldnt work and a young officer”可推知怀特先生应该是生病了,故选B
5. D。怀特先生生病了不能工作,当然是要让人代替他来训练新兵了,故选D
6. A。结合文章开篇第一、二句话“It was a quiet village in which there was a military camp. It was far from the towns and cities”可知士兵们训练的地方位于乡村,所以他们要是出去,应该是去城里或者镇上,故选A
7. D。从下文可以推知夜幕降临了他们一个人也没有回来,故选D
8. C。由下文可知因为手下的士兵外出没有回来,教官决定到镇上去寻找他们,可见当时他很担忧,故选C
9. D。由下文的“He started the car quickly and    10   . At that moment the nine soldiers came back.”可推知教练决定开车去镇上看看到底发生了什么事情,故选D
10. A。由上文的“He started the car quickly”可知他开车准备出发了,set off 出发。
11. A。士兵不仅回来得晚,还一个个都喝得醉醺醺的,教官当然是生气了。这里还对应下文“Having heard this, the officer became even angrier and    17    him at once.”故选A
12. B。因为晚归害怕受到责罚,士兵们开始编造谎言。他们去的是镇上,那么士兵解释说自己是准时离开镇上的,故选B
13. C。这里对应倒数第三段,每个士兵都说了相同的原因,准时上了巴士,故选C
14. A。这里对应下文的“My bus was all right, but the dead horses were    20    its way!”可知第一个士兵说自己的巴士坏了,所以买了一匹马,结果运气不好,马死了,所以只好跑着回来。
15. D。由上文可知士兵们都回来晚了,所以这里他们是在陈述各自回家晚的理由,故选D
16. A。前面的人都陈述了相同的原因,现在轮到最后一个士兵了,turn表示“机会”。
17. B。每个士兵都说了同样的理由,所以教官很生气,立即阻止他继续说谎,故选B
18. A。句意为:如果你还说你的公共汽车出故障了,我就马上_____你。此处是一种假设,故选A
19. B。教官已经被士兵们的谎言惹恼了,所以可推知此处他的意思是要是再听到类似谎言就要惩罚该士兵了,故选B
20. Din the/one's way 表示“挡道”。此处表示士兵的解释是:车没有出故障,但是死马挡住了路,所以他迟到了。




1-5 BACAB         6-10 ACDAB       11-15 ABACD      16-20 ABCDA


1. B。根据原文“… he began    1    after class each day to help me clean the room.Mark帮助作者打扫房间,以及下文“… Mark failed to stay after school each day”,可得此处应填“留下(staying)”,本题选B

2. A。根据上文,Mark父母双亡;下文提到“Though he was quite small when she died, he    3    a kind, gentle, loving woman …”可得这里谈到的是已经去世的人,即Mark的母亲,故本题选A

3. C。“Though he was quite small when she died, he    3    a kind, gentle, loving woman …”句中though(虽然)表示转折,所以虽然她去世的时候他还很小,但是他记得(remembered)一个善良温柔的女人,可得本题选C

4. A。上文讲到Mark放学后留下帮忙打扫卫生,而“As Christmas drew near,    4   , Mark failed to stay after school each day.”一句中提到Mark没有每天都留下来,可得前后是相反的情况,应填表示转折的关联词,故本题选A

5. B。根据上文,Mark没有每天都留下来帮忙打扫卫生,“… he    5    to leave from the room hurriedly after class …”句中提到他放学后飞快离开教室,可得这里应填“继续(continued)”,故本题选B

6. A。根据下文,作者当面与Mark对话,在此之前应该是“拦住(stopped)”,故本题选A

7. C。上文提到Mark之前放学后会帮助作者打扫卫生,所以这里作者应该是问为什么不帮助(helped)她打扫卫生了,故本题选C

8. D。根据下文,Mark在给作者准备圣诞礼物,之前并没有说明,可得这里应填“惊喜(surprise)”,故本题选D

9. A。根据下文,Mark在圣诞节前最后一天上学的时候送给作者礼物,可得这份礼物是圣诞(Christmas)礼物,故本题选A

10. B。根据上文,Mark进教室的时候小心翼翼,而且手放在背后,可以推测他把礼物藏在了身后,故本题选B

11. A。根据上下文,Mark告诉作者自己在准备礼物后,觉得难为情(embarrassed);带来礼物之后,进教室时小心翼翼,可以推测Mark性格腼腆,所以在最后送给作者礼物时,说话也十分害羞(shyly),故本题选A

12. BMark要把礼物送给作者,这里伸出的应该是手(hands),故本题选B

13. A。根据下文,Mark送给作者的是一个小木盒(box),故本题选A

14. C。根据下文,作者往里看,却什么都没有看到,可得这里应该是打开(opening)盖子,故本题选C

15. D。根据上文,作者打开盖子往盒子里边看,这里Mark对作者说她看(see)不到里边的东西,故本题选D

16. A。根据下文作者的问题“What is it, Mark, … that will make me feel so good?”可得这里应填good,故本题选A

17. B。根据原文,盒子里的东西看不到,摸不到也尝不到,可以推测盒子是空的(empty),故本题选B

18. C。根据上下文,Mark把爱送给老师,可以推测Mark母亲说的是爱赠给(give away)别人才是最好的,故本题选C

19. DMark送给作者礼物,接下来应该是转身离开(left),故本题选D

20. A。根据上文,圣诞节是爱(love)的节日,故本题选A




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