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2021-5-10 9:37

2020-21学年TEENS高二第38期总第830期 III 版听力原文

Text 1
M: Are you coming home for dinner?
W: I had planned to, but my manager just called for a meeting.

 Text 2
W: What are your plans for the summer vacation?
M: I’ll take a few courses in literature since I’ve always been interested in it.
Text 3
W: Excuse me, Professor Li, but I think I found something wrong in your speech.
M: Oh, you’re right. It should’ve been 800 instead of 8,000.

 Text 4
M: How is your new apartment?
W: Well, it’s quite close to where I work, but it’s a bit small.
M: In that case, you might have to throw out some of your old furniture.
W: Yeah, it actually felt good getting rid of unused stuff.

 Text 5
W: I can’t wait for the show to start. I have been a fan of the band since I was 10 years old.
M: Me, too. I’ve been looking forward to their show ever since last year.
W: Look, the guitarist is coming onstage now.
Text 6
M: How did you learn English so well?
W: I’ve always enjoyed listening to pop music and watching English movies.
M: I never thought listening was so important. No wonder my pronunciation was imperfect. Any other suggestions?
W: While you listen, try to repeat what you hear and imitate the sounds.
M: I see. So I could practice speaking at the same time!
W: Of course, you still need to read a lot to improve your grammar and enlarge your vocabulary.
M: Should I look up new words when I encounter them?
W: Not always. Try to guess the meaning from the context first and then look it up in a dictionary to check your guess.
M: Guessing is definitely an important step. I haven’t thought about that.
Text 7
M: Ma’am, I would like to apply for a volunteer job to help with waste sorting around our community.
W: Sure, I could help you with that. Could I have your name, age and address, please?
M: Michael, 16, and my address is Room 802, Building 10.
W: Do you have any related experience?
M: No, I happened to pass by some garbage bins yesterday and saw my classmate there. She told me that high school students can apply to be volunteers here.
W: All right. The job is to tell people to sort their trash according to the labels on the bins.
M: I am familiar with the sorting rules. I’m confident that I could accomplish the work.
W: OK. What are your available hours?
M: I’m available every afternoon when I get out of school.
W: You’re hired. Please come on Mondays and Wednesdays. We also have a uniform for you.

Text 8
M: Did you watch the soccer game online last night?
W: No, I had work to do. Plus, the network connection at my house was a bit unstable. How did it go?
M: It was quite intense. The defense on both teams were awesome. Neither of the teams scored in 90 minutes so they had to play overtime.
W: What was the result for overtime then?
M: They still couldn’t score in 30 minutes of overtime, so the game went into a penalty shootout.
W: That sounds like a lot of pressure on the goalkeeper. A penalty shootout could go either way.
M: Yeah, so Barcelona scored all five penalties while Real Madrid missed out on two of them. 
W: So you must be quite disappointed then.
M: I was quite prepared for it. It’s OK. We’ve still got another match to look forward to.
 Text 9
W: Hi Joe, who does the Christmas shopping in your family?
M: It’s usually my wife. She has better taste than I do. What about your family?
W: It’s my job, but online shopping makes it much more convenient. I do not have to go to the crowded stores and wait in line anymore. Plus, the weather is horrible this year.
M: Yeah, it is. So what have you got for your family?
W: I’ve chosen a scarf for my father and a pair of gloves for my mother. My husband enjoys reading, so I got him a book. As for the kids, my daughter always prefers pretty dresses, and my son likes to draw. 
M: So you got him some crayons?
W: No, he prefers paintbrushes and water colors as he gets older. However, it’s very hard to clean the mess he makes, so I got him an electronic drawing board.
M: That sounds cool. What features does it have?
W: It’s an LED board with a pen. It can erase itself by pressing the delete button. It’s also linked to an app so you could save the drawings easily. And it’s very portable.
M: I feel like getting one for my daughter right now. Could you share the link with me?
W: Sure. I’ll send it to you right away. 
 Text 10
M: In the 19th century, public schools developed fast; and since many of them were boarding schools, they had to keep boys occupied all day. Sports were a popular way of doing this. At first, each school had its own games with its own rules, but slowly fixed rules became established. In many schools, carrying the ball was not allowed — the game was called "football". Some schools, however, preferred a version of the game where players were allowed to carry the ball; one of these schools was in the small town of Rugby.
    In 1863, a group of people, who had played ball games at different schools, met in London to fix rules for the game. They formed the Football Association. Eighteen years later, as the game was getting more and more popular, they organized the first FA Cup competition.
    Following the example of schools and colleges, the owners of factories began encouraging employees to form teams, and football soon became very popular in the industrial north of England. By 1888, the game had become popular enough to support professional clubs, with 12 original clubs forming the Football League. Since then, the popularity of both football and rugby has continued to spread across the world.


D1 1-4 DCDB
D2 1-4 BDBB
D3 1-3 DBA
D4 1-4 ABDC
D1 1-4 DCDB
1. D。根据文章第3段第1句“Macedo tagged along as his parents acquired permits and licenses for the restaurant in 2018, helped out with contracts, trained employees and juggled school.”可得Macedo在帮助父母经营餐馆的同时,也没有耽误学业,故本题选D。
2. C。根据文章第4段第3句“Macedo would bring up chairs from the basement.”可得Macedo负责从地下室拿出椅子,故本题选C。
3. D。根据文章第5段最后一句“He wants his restaurant to look modern, but also traditional and charming.”可得Macedo希望品牌设计可以让餐馆看起来既现代又传统,有吸引力,即营造餐馆的好形象,故本题选D。
4. B。根据文章最后一句“The best thing about owning a restaurant at 18, he said, is that he is already living his dream.”可得Macedo觉得经营餐馆很好,因为这是他的梦想,故本题选B。

D2 1-4 BDBB
1. B。根据文章第3段第2、3句“As many young people are brought up by overprotective parents, when faced with obstacles, they are more likely to give up rather than work to overcome them. ‘Cultivating masculinity can help students develop a strong will,’ …”可得Feng认为许多年轻人由于父母的过度保护,在面对困难时容易放弃,而培养阳刚之气可以帮助他们拥有坚强意志,故本题选B。
2. D。根据文章第4段第1句“For Xu Chenchen (not her real name), a Senior 2 student from Hangzhou, masculinity means having a sense of responsibility, …”阳刚之气意味着有责任感,故本题选D。
3. B。根据文章第6段第1句“‘It’s challenging, but women can be strong and tough as well’…”可得这一事例证明,女性同样可以坚强,即传统观念中的男性气质,故本题选B。
4. B。根据文章最后一句“‘Good personal qualities have nothing to do with the sexes.’”可得良好的个人品质与性别无关,故本题选B。

D3 1-3 DBA
1. D。根据文章第2段最后两句“A narrator explains that two Neuralink devices in the monkey’s brain read his brain activity, … Pager continues to play the game with the brain implant alone.”可得两个Neuralink设备可以读取Pager的大脑活动,通过电脑解码后,Pager只用大脑就可以玩游戏,故本题选D。
2. B。根据文章第3段第2句“Neuralink is attempting to develop ‘a fully-implanted, wireless brain-machine interface (BMI) with the goal of enabling people with paralysis to directly use their neural activity to operate computers and mobile devices with speed and ease’, …”可得BMI技术可以帮助瘫痪的人更容易地使用电子设备,故本题选B。
3. A。【本题设问应为: What’s the main focus of the sixth paragraph?】文章第6段列举了BMI技术过去在人和动物身体的应用,故本题选A。

D4 1-4 ABDC
1. A。从第二段“Living with the reality of my father’s illness helped me discover the extent of the love I felt for him.”可知,正确答案为A。
2. B。从第三段“My father’s resolve to fight back was inspiring ...”可知,作者的父亲意志力是十分坚强的,因为他有着对抗病魔的决心,故正确答案为B。
3. D。从第三段“They were special to him and gave him great joy.”可知,作者的家人计划了一系列家人相聚的活动,这给她的父亲带来快乐,故正确答案为D。
4. C。从最后两段可知,在去护理中心前,作者的父亲像个孩子一样,害怕被家人抛弃;回家之后,他变得更加坚韧了,能够理解疫情期间政府的隔离政策,故正确答案为C。

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