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2021-6-14 8:00

2020-21学年高一第43期总第835期 III 版听力测试原文


Text 1
W: This book costs 18 yuan, but all I’ve got is 10 yuan.
M: Don’t worry. I’ve got plenty, so I will lend you the rest.

Text 2
M: Now, Mr Jessop, our last question from the audience is, “How can we better protect our privacy on social media?”
W: Well, this is a valuable question, especially in the internet age.

Text 3
M: I’m exhausted. My whole body is aching.
W: Oh, my friend, you’d better take good care of yourself and not push yourself too hard. Working 24-7 is too much for anyone!

Text 4
M: My application was accepted, and I’m going to work in Paris soon!
W: Good for you! But I’ll miss you. Don’t forget to drop me a line after you settle down.

Text 5
W: I can’t wait to board the plane and start the trip with my sister this weekend!
M: Perhaps you should go online and check the weather there.

Text 6
W: Hurry, honey. We’re running late for the ceremony!
M: I’m still looking for my key… Did I leave it in the car?
W: Forget about the car. Let’s take the subway instead. It will be faster.
M: The subway? 
W: Yes! It’s rush hour, and we can’t afford to be stuck on the road.
M: You’re right. We can take Line 3 and then switch to Line 10…
W: Come on. We can figure that out on our way to the station. Let’s just go. 

Text 7
W: Yes, boss?
M: When will Mr Li’s flight land at the airport?
W: It is supposed to arrive at 1 pm, sir. And we’ve arranged our business car to pick him up.
M: Good. And the hotel for them? Is it ready?
W: Yes, I’ve made a reservation for them at the Parkview Hotel. One deluxe room and two standard rooms. Two days in all. 
M: You didn’t forget the welcome party tonight, did you?
W: No. I booked the reception hall in the hotel last week, and I’ll call the manager right away to check again. The manager promised to have it properly arranged. 
M: You’d better go there yourself to make sure everything is ready. We’ve got to make a good impression. This business deal is very important for us, and I don’t want to let them down.

Text 8
M: Hi, Linda. I haven’t seen you for some time. What have you been up to?
W: Yeah… I’ve just come back from my honeymoon.
M: Oh, congratulations! I didn’t know you got married!
W: Thank you. We didn’t hold any grand ceremony. Couldn’t bother. The honeymoon was enough.
M: You’re right. Holding a wedding reception is a lot of work. Where did you go then?
W: Long Island. It was really nice to get away from the noise of the city. My husband and I just spent our days at the beach, enjoying the peace.
M: Sounds very relaxing. Did you try the local dishes?
W: I just loved them. I enjoyed the fresh crabs, lobsters and fish all day long in the restaurants. But it’s a pity my husband doesn’t enjoy seafood much. He still prefers pizza and spaghetti and so on.
M: You can’t go wrong with Italian food.

Text 9
M: Hello. Heartbeat Fitness Center. What can I do for you?
W: Hi. I’d like to ask a few questions about getting fit.
M: OK. Your questions?
W: I’m thinking about losing weight. Can I lose 10 pounds in a week?
M: Well, madam, it’s better to start off slowly. Which type of exercise do you enjoy doing?
W: I like dancing, jogging and cycling, but I hate weightlifting and things like that. Weightlifting seems to build your muscles, right?
M: It depends on how you do it. Great. It seems we can have plenty of good choices. How often do you work out?
W: I don’t usually have the time… Perhaps once a week? I’ve always got many things to do.
M: If you want to get fit and lose some weight, we would recommend you exercise more often, at least two or three times a week. Would you like to come to our fitness center so that you can work out a fitness schedule with our coaches? Many of our customers find it helpful to become a member and exercise here regularly.

Text 10
Why act now? The best time to act was yesterday. The second-best time is today. 
Every year that we don't reduce emissions represents another 55 billion tons of greenhouse gases that future generations will have to scrub out of the air. That would cost $8 trillion a year, almost half the entire US economy today. And that price doesn't include the cost of people forced to move, the natural world transformed and lives lost. It's much cheaper to develop new technologies that don't emit carbon dioxide than to capture carbon dioxide that we've already emitted. 
Every ton of carbon dioxide we emit now imposes a burden on us and the planet, but also a debt that would have to be paid by our children and untold generations to come. The sooner we start fixing this, the easier it'll be. 
So do what you can where you can. Vote, change your diet and your commute, organize, plant trees, advocate for ideas, advocate for science and most importantly, advocate for action today.



D1 1-4 DBCA
D2 1-4 DCDD
D3 1-4 DBCD
D4 1-4 DCAD
D5 1-5 EBFGC

D1 1-4 DBCA
1. D。根据关键词new可以定位在第二段,“now Jha is suffering new anxieties… Can they get back to campuses for the start of the fall term”,由此可知,当前Jha的新的焦虑是什么时候能回学校,与D选项重返学校的不确定性表述一致,故答案为D。 
2. B。通读第四段,本段主要讲述各高校都在请求拜登政府针对留学生做出更快速的反应和出台更灵活的政策,故答案为B。A项:影响留学生返校的因素。C项:美国政府针对吸引留学生所采取的一些政策。D项:美国留学生的人数有所下滑。这三项都不是第四段所表述的内容。  
3. C。根据第五段最后一句话“Additionally, the US embassy and consulates in China reopened student visa services in May.”可知,美国驻华大使馆和领事馆于今年5月重新开放了学生签证服务。故答案为C。
4. A。由倒数第二段“For example, some students face problems getting visa appointments, confusion over travel rules… said Dulce Dorado”可知,有些同学在预约签证方面出现问题、对于差旅规定感到疑惑等,故答案为A。B项:飞往美国的航班可能会突然取消。C项:他们被禁止在美国各地旅行。D项:美国新冠肺炎感染病例有所上升。这三项均与原文不符。
D2 1-4 DCDD
1. D。从文中第二段“becoming the first blind person from Asia ever to conquer the world’s highest peak.”可知,他是首个征服珠穆朗玛的亚洲盲人,故答案为D。
2. C。从文中第四段“Inspired by Lodro, a famous Tibetan climber who conquered all the world’s 14 peaks above the altitude of 8,000 meters, Zhang became passionate about climbing,”可知,他受到了Lodro的事迹的鼓舞,对Lodro的钦佩让他对爬山产生了兴趣,故答案为C。
3. D。从文中倒数第二段“But Zhang decided not to give up and continued his journey to the summit.”可知,尽管路途艰难,但张洪没有放弃,坚持到达了顶峰,因此他是一个坚定的人,故答案为D。
4. D。本文主要报道了中国盲人张洪登顶珠峰的事情,故答案为D。

D3 1-4 DBCD
1. D。从文中第三段“We thought we should use them to create our clothes and help the environment”可知,JUMA希望可以通过用塑料做衣服,减少塑料垃圾,保护环境,故答案为D。
2. B。通读本段可知,本段主要写了塑料瓶是如何被做成线的,故答案为B。
3. C。从文中倒数第二段“clothes made from plastics could be even better than nylon and polyester”可知,塑料制成的衣服甚至比尼龙和聚酯纤维更好,因此塑料制成的衣服质量是不错的,故答案为C。
4. D。从文中最后一句“... prices will fall when more companies follow the sustainability path taken by her business”可知,Juma认为更多的公司会走持续发展道路,塑料制成的衣服的价格会下降。扩大生产,价格才会下降,也就是更多的公司会使用塑料做衣服,故答案为D。

D4 1-4 DCAD
1. D。从第三段最后一句可知,Alcantara和她的祖母在2020年二月份就不能待在一个房间了,直到第五段写道今年四月份打完疫苗她们才能拥抱彼此,故D正确。四月三日,只有Alcantara接种了疫苗,故A错误;文中并没有指出Alcantara曾经是不爱拥抱的人,故B错误;Alcantara的祖母并没有感染新冠病毒,故C错误。
2. C。从文章第二段可知,随着更多美国人接种疫苗,家人或爱人之间重逢,尤其是拥抱这种亲密的身体接触行为也愈加频繁,故C为正确答案。
3. A。文章第八到九段主要讲述了拥抱的意义,如朋友之间保持亲密关系,分享喜悦,交流无法用言语表达的情感等,故正确答案为A。
4. D。从倒数第三段可知,随着疫苗接种加快进程,人们认为接种疫苗的人与少数人密切接触是安全的,故此处的that指的是疫苗,这为人们拥抱提供了机会,故正确答案为D。

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