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2021-9-20 7:54


Text 1

W: Wow! Look at all these magazines! I believe I can find something interesting to read!

M: Shhh!! Please keep your voice down. People are reading and studying here.


Text 2

M: Well, my dream is hard to realize. The housing price in big cities keeps going up and I always have an empty purse.

W: I understand. That’s why Christopher and I want to find a place in a small town.


Text 3

W: You look so excited. What’s on your mind?

M: I am thinking about my birthday present. My mother promised to give me a huge toy plane if I behave myself.


Text 4

W: Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to the railway station? 

M: Yes. Go straight till you come to the traffic lights, then turn right. Oh, sorry! I’m wrong. Turn left and you can’t miss it.

W: Thanks a lot.


Text 5

W: You do know that it's very cold outside, don't you? I would put a coat on if I were you.

M: It didn’t seem very cold this morning. 

W: It changes too fast. Look out the window. It's pouring outside!


Text 6

W: Mike, why do you have such a big smile? Did you pass an exam or win the lottery?

M: I just won first prize in the National English Speech Contest.

W: Wow, congratulations. You must have jumped with joy when you heard the news.

M: That’s right. I couldn't be any happier.

W: Have you told your parents yet?

M: I did call them this morning, and this afternoon, but I couldn’t get through. I'll call them again this evening.

W: They're going to be very happy.

M: I think so.


Text 7

W: I have to clean the house. It's very dirty. You need to help me.
M: Why me? Why not my brother?
W: Because you made it dirty.
M: All right. What do you want me to do?
W: I want you to clean your bedroom, the toilet and the yard.
M: That's a lot of work. I haven’t finished my homework yet.
W: Tell me when you are ready.
M: OK. I’ll finish it as soon as I can, but I have to have breakfast first. 

W: OK.


Text 8

M: Hello, Emily! Why are you so sad?

W: Oh! I’m really upset about my performance on the test.

M: I know you got a B. I believe you will surely do better next time.

W: But my father will be hard on me.

M: Don’t worry too much. Given the fact that you had been ill for two weeks before the exam, your grade isn’t that bad.

W: What should I do now?

M: Don’t worry. I’ll talk to your father tomorrow morning.

W: That would be great. Thank you so much.

M: You are welcome.


Text 9

W: What horrible weather today. I'd love to go out, but I think it will just continue raining.
M: Oh, It won’t. I know the weather forecast. It will be cloudy this afternoon. It will be sunny tomorrow.

W: That's great. I'm going to have a party tomorrow afternoon. Today is Wednesday and we still have time to make preparations. Would you like to come?

M: Of course. Thank you for inviting me. Who else is going to come to the party?

W: I don’t remember. But Peter and Mike are going to help out with the cooking!

M: I can help, too! I am good at making noodles!

W: That sounds great! I know my Italian cousins are going to be there. I'm sure they'll love it. And they can teach us how to make pizzas.

M: Well, is there going be a theme for the party?

W: No, I don't think so. Just a chance to get together and have fun.

W: The party starts at 6:30. Would you please come a little bit earlier?
M: Sure. I’ll come half an hour earlier to help. See you tomorrow. 

W: See you.


Text 10

M: One day, a couple arrived early and checked in for a tour. The bus driver told them to go onto the minibus and wait. They came back a few minutes later looking a bit nervous and told the guide there was a homeless man sitting in the minibus. He was dressed in torn jeans, a worn T-shirt, sunglasses and a dirty hat. The driver told the couple not to worry as he was coming on the tour with them. The couple and other people on the tour all boarded the minibus, keeping an eye on the man. When they arrived at the destination, the man took off his sunglasses and his hat, and started talking to the tour guide. It was only then that the couple and the other people on the tour realized that this “homeless man” was actually Bob Dylan, a well-known American musician. He was dressed that way in order to avoid being disturbed by his fans!




D1 1-4 CABB

D2 1-4 CCAB

D3 1-4 BDCD

D4 1-4 DCCD

D5 1. to understand   2. burning    3. off/out         4. ourselves      5. Luckily  

   6. where         7. the        8. easier            9. it                   10. but



D1 1-4 CABB

1. C。从文中第一二段可知,两位中学生在生活中了解到供盲人阅读的材料很少,便决心发明新的阅读器来帮助盲人,故答案为C

2. A。从文中第五段“So we decided to develop a user-friendly product especially for young blind children from grades 1 to 3. Moreover, it only costs about 2,000 yuan”可知,新发明的盲人阅读器又好用又便宜,故答案为A

3. B。从文中倒数第三段“The 3D drawing was the basic and most challenging part”可知,答案为B

4. B。从文中倒数第二段“They then improved their device based on the students’ needs.”可知,他们去学校是为了听取学生的意见,改进阅读器,故答案为B


D2 1-4 CCAB

1. C。句首放了一个双关语是为了让读者理解双关语是什么并且快速进入到话题,而不是A选项所说的描述人们对双关语的反应;或者B项说的介绍其历史,也并没有解释C选项中提到的双关语受人们欢迎的原因,故选C

2. C。由题干中涉及到的Peter McGraw可定位到文章第三段,据其表示,双关语是一个人解析语言,理解词汇细微差别及复杂性的能力,可知,双关语是利用文字的不同含义,故选C

3. A。本段第一句即为主题句,双关语被广泛应用于电视、电影、活动及市场中,故选A

4. B。最后一段作者以一种幽默的方式对pointless解读,一方面有毫无意义的意思,另一方面说笔尖比较钝,不锋利;并不是给建议、求建议或者做出警告,而是通过一种诙谐幽默的方式再次展现双关语,故选B


D3 1-4 BDCD

1. B。从文中第一段“Can you imagine spending six hours walking in space?”可知,航天员出仓持续了6个小时,故答案为B

2. D。从文中第四段“The sixth layer is made of special fibers that protect astronauts from radiation”可知,航天服的第六层也就是最外层可以防辐射,故答案为D

3. C。从文章倒数第三段“Astronauts are connected to the space station with safety ropes. The suit has headphones and speakers for astronauts to communicate. There is also a mirror on the wrist that astronauts can use to check their suits.”可知,航天员出仓时需要安全绳、耳机、扬声器和镜子,故答案为C

4. D。从文中倒数一二段可知,这两段主要写了一二代航天服的区别,故答案为D


D4 1-4 DCCD

1. D。从文章第二段“I began writing all these details for my children, and now they have details about when they were small.”可知,作者在信中读到了自己孩子们成长的故事,于是开始把那些事的细节写下来,故正确答案为D

2. C。文中讲述了作者来自一个书信世家,在留学期间她的祖父把自己写的信揣在兜里,随时拿出来阅览,于是她便定期给家里写信,故正确答案为C

3. C。从倒数第三段“The handwritten word is a powerful tool of friendship; it connects us together.”可知,书信将大家联结到一起,是巩固友谊的有力工具,故正确答案为C

4. D。文章最后一段“ Keep writing to those you love. Those letters are our greatest gifts to each other.”中,作者呼吁读者朋友们坚持给爱的人写信,这是给他们最珍贵的礼物,故正确答案为D


D5 1-10 1. to understand   2. burning    3. off      4. ourselves      5. Luckily  

        6. where           7. the        8. easier    9. it           10. but

1. to understand。固定搭配:it is +adj to do sth 故填 to understand

2. burning。所填词作sun的定语,表示炎热的太阳,逻辑上为主动关系,因此填burning

3. off/out。固定搭配:set off/out表示出发;动身,故填offout

4. ourselves。由上下文可知,我们9点自信满满的出发,但没过多久就发现我们自己迷路了,故填ourselves

5. Luckily。结合语境可知,此处表示“幸运地”,修饰整个句子,应用副词,故填Luckily

6. where。由句意可知我们每个组的跟踪器可以让我们的指导师知道我们在哪,所填词引导宾语从句,且为地点状语,故填where

7. the。此处表示特指,故用定冠词the

8. easier。结合上下文语境可知,此处指第三天相对前两天要容易的多,故用比较级easier

9. it。固定搭配:make it指的是做某事成功了,故填it

10. but。固定搭配:not onlybut also 表示“不仅……而且……”,also可省略,故填but



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