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2021-9-27 7:00


Text 1

M: Hi, Alice, I heard that you have moved to America. Have you adjusted to life there?

W: Hello, Jack. Actually not completely, but I am trying.

M: What’s the hardest part about living in a foreign country?

W: Not being able to express myself so people can understand.


Tex 2

M: Darling, what will you wear to the ball?

W: I was thinking about the white evening dress you bought me as a birthday gift.

M: It’s nice. I remember you were wearing it at last year’s Christmas party.


Text 3

M: Hi, here is my card. I sell used cars. A car from us is a car you can trust!

W: I would never buy a used car for fear that it would be unreliable.


Text 4

W: Hi, Sam, you don’t sound too excited about going to the high school reunion.

M: I’m not. I get a stomachache just thinking about it.


Text 5

W: That was a fantastic meal! How much is the bill?

M: It’s my treat.


Text 6

M: Candy, are you sure it was him?

W: David, believe me! We used to work together. Of course it was him.

M: You are a nurse at New York General Hospital?

W: Yes, in the cancer ward. And Jack was there. He walked right by me and didn’t even see me.

M: Maybe he was just visiting someone.

W: But you saw how skinny and pale he looked. He has “cancer patient” written all over his face.


Text 7

M: This little red fruit looks good. How much is it?

W: It is 100 yuan per kilogram.

M: Do you give any discount?

W: If you buy 2 kilograms, you can get a 20 percent discount.

M: Well, that sounds great. I’ll take 2 kilograms.


Text 8

M: Hi, you must be Mary.

W: Yes. And you must be Mr Smith. Welcome to Paris. It's a pleasure to meet you. How was your flight? Shall we go? I've got a car waiting outside to take us to your hotel.

M: That’s great. The flight was OK. Thanks for taking the time to meet me here.

W: No worries. Our company wants to make sure you have a pleasant trip.

M: I really appreciate it.

W: Everything has been organized for you. The accommodation, the transport and all the other little things you should need.

M: Does the conference begin tomorrow?

W: Yes, there is a welcome dinner tomorrow night.

M: That's great. It gives me some time to rest and see some of the city.

W: It's already been arranged. I will take you on a city tour tomorrow morning.


Text 9                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

M: Hello, jewelry department. How may I help you?

W: Bob, it’s me, Lisa. There’s this strange guy who keeps coming around. He has been here three times this week.

M: He is probably just a customer. Just ignore him.

W: He makes me nervous. He looks at me funny. And he never buys anything!

M: Maybe he wants to get something for his girlfriend, but he is embarrassed.

W: I don’t know, but he makes me uneasy.

M: Just take it easy. If he starts to bother you, let me know and I will call the security guard.

W: But what if he knows my name, where I live ...

M: Don’t worry too much about it. Maybe he is an innocent, lonely guy ...

W: Actually, he is really good-looking. My God! Now he’s looking over here! He is coming! What should I do?

M: OK! I will call the security guard. 


Text 10

M: Leonardo da Vinci is often thought of mainly as an artist, with world-famous works like The Last Supper and Mona Lisa. Of course, his place in art history is certain. But his notebooks, filled with his strange writing, show that his main interests were in engineering and technology. The notebooks are full of drawings for all kinds of inventions.

Born in 1452 to a Florentine lawyer and a local village girl, Leonardo was given only a very basic education. After 10 years of being educated by artist Andrea del Verrocchio, he began to work for himself. The work he did shows an unbelievable combination of technical skill and very careful observation. It also shows his great interest in technology.

At the age of 30, he left his hometown and moved to Milan, where he spent 17 years working for the Duke of Milan. Here he continued to combine his scientific work with his painting.

In 1506 he returned to Milan and became increasingly interested in science. He began to study human bodies and the movement of the blood. He also studied many animals, comparing their bodies to human bodies. From then on, Leonardo spent the rest of his life mainly on his scientific studies.




D1 1-4 CBAD

D2 1-4 DBBD

D3 1-4 DBCB

D4 1-4 ACCD

D5 1-5 GCABF



D1 1-4 CBAD

1. C。根据文章第3段,古慧晶知道自己的优势和劣势,也知道自己对机器人和无人驾驶汽车很感兴趣,因此选择了到职业教育学校学习汽修专业,故本题选C

2. B。根据文章第4段,古慧晶用一种十分理智的方式说服了父母,包括做调查,比较职业学校课程和向他人寻求建议等;根据文章第5段,古慧晶让父母知道,她很认真地对待自己的职业前景,因此父母选择尊重她的决定,故本题选B

3. A。根据文章第6段第6句“To overcome the difficulty, Gu had been practicing and turning to teachers whenever she had a problem.”可得古慧晶为了克服困难,不断练习并向老师寻求帮助,故本题选A

4. D。根据文章第8段第2句“On top of that, Gu is more patient and careful than other male competitors, …”可得古慧晶与男性相比更有耐心,更认真仔细,故本题选D


D2 1-4 DBBD

1. D。从文中第三段“The genre also has its roots in Clue, a popular board game in the West”可知,剧本杀的灵感来源于一款西方桌游,故答案为D

2. B。从文中倒数第四段“I just really love the new immersive, real-life adventures, which will provide me with brand-new experiences.”可知,剧本杀给了Song全新的线下社交体验,故答案为B

3. B。从文中倒数第三段“The personal touch, interesting costumes and live-action factor all add up to an experience unlike any other.”可知,个人体验,有趣的服装和实景元素是让剧本杀变得独一无二的因素,故答案为B

4. D。通读全文可知,本文主要介绍了剧本杀的流行,故答案为D


D3 1-4 DBCB

1. D。根据文章第3段第1Its no surprise that super typhoons occur in September.”可以推测本段主要讲述秋季风的成因;本段最后一句The sea temperature reaches the highest from August to September …”说明八九月份海洋温度最高,因此可以推测九月份海洋温度最高是超级台风的成因,故本题选D

2. B。根据文章第5段第1句“Autumn brings cold air, and when that cold air meets a typhoon, it could make it more destructive.”可得冷空气会增强台风的破坏力,故本题选B

3. C。根据文章第6段最后一句“The typhoon led to more than 1,000 millimeters (毫米) of rainfall in Ilan, Taiwan, resulting in many deaths, according to Weather China.可得Megi造成台湾多人死亡故本题选C

4. B。根据文章最后一段第1句“Autumn typhoons are not only powerful but also often unpredictable.可得本段主要讲了几个难以预测的台风故本题选B


D4 1-4 ACCD

1. A。从第一段My coordination is lacking, my endurance is spotty and my speed is set squarely on tortoise”,第二段体育课的经历以及第三段In high school, I wasn’t suitable for a single team. I was bookish and slow ...”可知,作者之前不锻炼,是因为她认为自己缺乏运动天赋和才能,故正确答案为A

2. C。文章第五段“I needed an outlet to release the tension of months of video conferencing, on-and-off solo parenting and virtual school.”可知,作者开始重视锻炼身体是因为她需要一个发泄压力的出口,故正确答案为C

3. C。文章倒数第三段谈到了作者对于运动的一些反思,运动不在于才能,更重要的是充实精神和头脑,突破自己的舒适区,获得成就感,故正确答案为C

4. D。从最后一段“Look at your determination.”可知,作者强调的是决心,即便她没有运动才能,故正确答案为D


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