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2021-9-27 7:00


Text 1

M: Hello, Mrs Brown. I really appreciate it that you made it to this parent-teacher conference.

W: Thanks for the chance to talk to you. It’s nice to know that someone shares my concerns for my son.


Text 2

M: What a day! The heat is unbearable!

W: I guess we had better wait till sunset to take a walk.


Text 3

W: Hey! You are late again! Were you caught in a traffic jam again?

M: Im sorry, but I accidentally lost my car key.

W: Did you take a taxi instead?

M: No. Thankfully my father has always kept a spare key.


Text 4

W: What do you think of this black dress?

M: Don’t you think that pink one is better? Oh, check this out! The green one looks nice, too. I bet it will look good on you.

W: Well, black may look dull, but the dress fits me well.


Text 5

W: Mary told me you are moving to Los Angeles. Is it true?

M: Yes. I got an offer there.

W: Why didn’t you tell me? I’m so happy for you!

M: Well, I wanted to surprise you.

W: Remember to drop me a line when you arrive. I’m definitely going to miss you!


Text 6

W: What’s wrong with your nose?

M: Nothing really. I took my daughter to the zoo yesterday. She got a little scared when a monkey approached her and wanted me to pick her up. When she reached up, her fingernails accidentally scratched my nose.

W: Sounds painful.

M: It didn’t hurt until the next morning.

W: What did the doctor say? Is it infected?

M: Well, I haven’t gotten the chance to see a doctor. I have to pick up my client at the airport after a while.

W: I’ve never seen you take a rest. You are always so busy. You know, bacteria might hide in children’s fingernails. You had better hurry up before it gets worse.


Text 7

W: Oh, you look nice today! Your shoes and your suit match perfectly.

M: Thank you, Maggie. I’m going to deliver a speech about a kind of traditional Chinese art — Peking Opera.

W: Sounds amazing! What inspired you to do this topic?

M: Well, my grandpa is a big fan of Chinese traditional culture. He had lived in Beijing for more than a decade before he settled here. When he was in China, he used to watch Peking Opera every week and even made friends with some professional opera actors. I like to hear my grandpa tell stories about them.

W: Interesting. I remember you giving speeches about Chinese calligraphy and Chinese brush painting last semester. I think this speech is going to be as fantastic as the previous speeches. I’ll be there as soon as I finish my essay.


Text 8

M: Could you please tell me something about your first job, Miss Brown?

W: Sure. I was working as an assistant at a shipping company in New York. I was well paid, but I didn’t see any chance of getting a promotion.

M: So you quit your job and got married?

W: Well, I met my husband after I left the company. He works as an engineer in Boston. And we decided to get married and move here.

M: I see from your resume that you worked in Japan for two years. Do you speak Japanese?

W: Yes. I consider that a strong advantage.

M: We have many clients from Japan. We need a person with a command of both English and Japanese. Can you start next Monday morning?

W: Yes! Thank you!


Text 9

W: Honey, have you booked the plane tickets to Tokyo for this weekend?

M: Well, since there aren’t any flights available, I booked tickets on a ship instead.

W: You should have discussed that with me earlier! The first time I got on a ship, I felt so dizzy that I could barely stand up. And I swore I would never get on one again. I feel the same about traveling by train.

M: I know, but there’s no other way to get us there except by ship. Do you want me to cancel it?

W: Never mind. I guess I will figure out how to endure the voyage.

M: Don’t worry. Let’s go shopping this afternoon and get some fruits and snacks you like and drop by the drugstore. I think we might find something useful to deal with your sickness on board.

W: I guess I have no choice.


Text 10

W: There are a number of ways to save lives in an emergency. It is important to stay calm and call 911. It will make a huge difference if you make the phone call as soon as possible. First, state your location correctly and clearly. Sometimes, when it’s hard to tell the exact place, giving landmarks can be helpful. Don’t forget to inform the emergency responder how bad people are injured. When you are in a panic, chances are that you might be lost for words or make mistakes by stating the wrong street number. So taking a deep breath might help when your mind goes blank.

Perform first-aid while waiting for the ambulance. Knowing basic first-aid comes in handy in an emergency. If your local hospitals don’t provide relevant training, you may have access to such knowledge through the internet. Remember to practice what you have learned.

An upgraded 911 system that allows callers to send text messages, photos and video can help emergency responders locate the injured and assess the situation. Once the system goes into effect, it will be easier to get the help that is needed sooner.




D1 1-4 CDCD

D2 1-3 DCA

D3 1-4 CDBA

D4 1-3 CAC

D5 1-5 CAGFE



D1 1-4 CDCD

1. C。从文章“These three bronze figures are a unique find among Sanxingdui items in terms of their shape and decorative pattern”可知答案为C

2. D。从文章“Another thing that makes it stand out is that it is relatively complete”可知,黄金面具在一定程度上是完整的,故答案为D

3. C。从文章“Gold items ... show how the precious metal was used by the ancient Shu people. The finding further illustrates the custom of the ancient Shu people to use gold items”可知,出土的金器向人们阐释了古蜀国先民是如何使用金属的,故答案为C

4. D。从文章前两段可知,文章的主要目的是报道一项新的考古发现,故正确答案为D


D2 1-3 DCA

1. D。从文章第二段“Equipment has to be designed to allow athletes to perform at their highest level.”可知,运动装备需要能使运动员充分发挥其潜力,故正确答案为D

2. C。从文章第五段“It is important to have some degree of trickle down in the same way that IndyCar or Formula One technology does eventually trickle down to everyday family cars. But sometimes its quite subtle”可知,列举槽的例子是为了说明其是以一种微妙的方式应用到日常生活中的故正确答案为C

3. A。从文章最后一段,可知作者认为专家们能运用其才智将残奥会所使用的技术渗透到人们的日常生活中,即对这种技术的前景持乐观态度,故正确答案为A


D3 1-4 CDBA

1. C。从文章第二段“Playwrights had 12 hours to write a 10-minute play based on the theme, which meant that they had to work all night because the scripts were due at 8 am on Monday. Directors received scripts and had 12 hours with actors to start their rehearsals.”可知,学生们准备戏剧的时间很紧张,故正确答案为C

2. D。从文章第三段“It was really exciting because this was our first time. And since the start of the pandemic, it was refreshing to see actors perform in the same room as the audience.”可知,作者对自己担任舞台监督一职感到很兴奋,故正确答案为D

3. B。从文章第四段“ I was amazed at the playwrights beautiful scripts and the ideas they represented.”可知B正确。

4. A。通读全文可知,文章主要讲述了作者参加24小时戏剧节的经历,故正确答案为A


D4 1-3 CAC
1. C。从第二段“Even with that element of nostalgia, however, we struggled until now to justify going back to vinyl.”可知,听黑胶音乐可以带来怀旧的感觉,故正确答案为C
2. A。从第三段第一句话可知,这两段的主旨为黑胶音乐的体验是特别的,而其特别体现在两点,即本身播放黑胶音乐不像其他音乐只是作为活动的背景,播放黑胶音乐本身就是一种活动,具有仪式感;此外,播放黑胶音乐可以带来强烈的情感体验,故正确答案为A
3. C。作者写本文的目的主要是与读者分享对黑胶唱片的感受和体验,故正确答案为C。其他选项不是作者写本文的主要目的。

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