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2021-10-4 8:00





D1 1-4 AADD

D2 1-3 BCA

D3 1-4 DCDA

D4 1-4 BDAD

D5 1-5 ABDAB               6-10 ACBCD                   11-15 CADBD



D1 1-4 AADD

1. A。从文中第二段“However, in many African, Asian and Latin American countries, unbroken eye contact can be seen as confrontational or even aggressive.”可知,在很多非洲国家,长时间的对视被认为是有敌意的,故答案为A

2. A。从文中第三段“But in general, people from high contact cultures such as Southern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East tend to stand close when speaking and tend to touch often.”可知,在拉丁美洲,人们说话时互相触碰对方是常见的,故答案为A

3. D。从文中最后一段“ And in most of Asia, curling your index finger to beckon someone over is fine for dogs, but not for people especially in the Philippines, where you could be punished under the law.”可知,弯曲食指向人招手示意的手势在菲律宾可能会被法律惩罚,故答案为D

4. D。通读全文可知,本文主要介绍了身体语言在不同的文化中有所不同,故答案为D


D2 1-3 BCA

1. B。根据文章第4段第2-4句“According to CNN, the visual world Warhol created is directly connected to his background. In the mid-1950s, the working class gathered a great deal of fortune. They wanted to achieve a higher status in society.”可得安迪·沃霍尔的作品背景是工人阶级积累了财富,希望提高社会地位,故本题选B

2. C。根据文章第7段“‘A filmmaker, a writer, a photographer, a TV soap opera producer ... Warhol, in short, was what we might call a ‘Renaissance man’,…”可得安迪·沃霍尔有很多身份,因此可以称之为Renaissance man,即多才多艺的人,故本题选C

3. A。根据文章最后一句“He summed up, defined and in many ways symbolized the world in which we now live.”可得乔恩·萨维奇认为安迪·沃霍尔的作品概括了我们今日的世界,故本题选A


D3 1-4 DCDA

1. D。根据文章第2段最后一句“We had to carry all of our own clothes, food and toiletries for the three days as well as tents, sleeping bags, cooking pots and first aid kits.”可得远足途中要自己带上所有用得到的东西,故本题选D

2. C。根据文章第3段第3句“Luckily, it was not too difficult to understand navigation, but on the other hand, walking with a 13-kilogram backpack under a scorching sun and 28 C weather was not the most ideal situation.”可得第二天最大的问题是炎热的天气,故本题选C

3. D。根据文章第4段第5句“Luckily, each group had a tracker that allowed the instructors to see where we were.”可得追踪器帮助指导者知道我们的位置,因此我们才能会到原定路线,故本题选D

4. A。根据文章第5段第2句“Fortunately, it was a breeze.breeze意为“轻而易举的事”,可得第三天的远足比较轻松,故本题选A


D4 1-4 BDAD

1. B。从文章第四段可知,作者的家庭虽然贫穷,但是充满了爱,故正确答案为B。作者并不是出生在音乐世家,父母亲分别在中餐厅和洗衣店工作,故A错误;从第四段可知,作者非常开心并怀着感恩之心接受了母亲送的娃娃,虽然当时她已经长大,不再想要娃娃了,故C错误;虽然父母亲工作十分繁忙,但依然十分关心作者,给与孩子充分的爱,故D错误。

2. D。从第五段“I had to make a decision: to pursue the more pragmatic goal of medical school or my love for music. The pragmatist in me won.”可知,在务实的医学院和音乐梦想之间,作者选择了更加务实的目标,故D为正确答案。

3. A。从倒数第二段可知,作者可能会重新弹钢琴,追寻自己的钢琴梦想,故正确答案为A

4. D。作者围绕自己的“钢琴梦”讲述了一系列有关亲情、学业职业、梦想的故事,她的梦想和现实曾产生冲突,于是不得不搁置自己的梦想选择了现实。现在她意识到自己的梦想并未消失,并打算重新拾起自己的“钢琴梦”,故正确答案为D


D5 1-5 ABDAB             6-10 ACBCD                11-15 CADBD

1. A。由下文可知,这是一个给盲人女孩过生日用盲文点缀生日蛋糕的温暖故事,故选A

2. B。因是餐厅工作人员考虑女孩是盲人,所以用盲文写生日祝福,故选B考虑周到符合文意。

3. D。本句所要表达的意思是为请朋友吃饭没有什么稀奇,故选D

4. A。从“the best wishes were spelled out in Braille.”可知,Te Paa是个盲人女孩,故选A

5. B。对于Te Paa来说能在生日的时候收到盲文祝福已经很意外了,但是更让她觉得这件事有意义的是根本就没有提前计划,故选B

6. A。在餐厅和朋友一起,肯定为一起分享美食,故选A

7. C。由前文可知,这一天是Te Paa的生日,故选C

8. B。由第一段“the sweetest of all may very well be a special chocolate message that was recently ….”可知,餐厅员工为女孩准备的是巧克力,故选B

9. C。刚一看到员工准备的特别的生日祝福,“我”因为激动,大脑一片空白,故选C

10. D。由上文提到女孩激动的大脑一片空白可知,我从未有过如此的经历,故选D

11. C。朋友Sara把她的反应记录下来,当时应该是兴奋高兴的反应,故选C

12. ASara的视频在抖音上有1600万的阅读量,可知这一善举很特别,故选A

13. D。由上文可知视频在网络上反响很好,此空为大家对这个视频的反应,respond…to…意为:对……的反应,故选D

14. B。大家对这一善举反响强烈,这正是证明了这个世纪需要善举,故选B

15. D。最后一句话是个排比句 how much the world needs …. how much the world 15.________ a message of hope, needs…”故此空选D





(一)     1. yours           2. necessarily           3. flexibility         4. separating       5. called                     6. the               7. where                 8. like                     9. successful          10. to worry


     1. are known  2. tasty                    3. the most expensive          4. with            5. to bear 

6. if/whether  7. making                8. that/which                   9. the              10. happens


     1. cultural       2. was established  3. to visit                 4. Though/While/Although 

5. grown         6. its                       7. travelers              8. which  9. as   10. features


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